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The Technological Leader in

Korean Electrolyte Manufacturing!

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Enchem Co., Ltd.

We think about our environment.

Enchem is specialized in electrolyte, one of the 4 key materials of secondary cell, and has developed and produced high functional electrolyte additive and electrolyte for secondary cells and EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor). Of the diverse industries applying electrolyte for secondary cells, Enchem has a new technology to synthesize various functional additives necessary for electrolyte performance enhancement in electric motor vehicles requiring mainly high level technological difficulty. Based on the technology, the Company has innovative technology to promptly develop and mass produce optimal electrolyte.


We prepare for the future in advance of competition.

The key to cell development is safety. As issues such as battery explosion accident make headlines, cell makers become more focused on safety. In this situation, it is global agenda to replace the liquid electrolyte utilized in the conventional lithium batteries into solid electrolyte to develop a cell without the risk of explosion or leakage in the event of damage from external shock while maintaining high energy density even at high temperature or high voltage. We, as an alternative, have developed solid-like electrolyte in the organic/inorganic hybrid type by mixing organic electrolyte and solid electrolyte; and been pursuing a mid/long-term R&D project to develop ignition safety technology ahead of competition, which is expected from whole solid electrolyte while maintaining the excellent electrochemical performances of the conventional organic electrolyte to a certain extent with this solid-like electrolyte.

Center of global electrolyte manufacturing technology.

The global market for lithium battery electrolyte has grown continuously. Enchem has been active in finding and investing in overseas markets. Over 50% of the company sales has been achieved from export. To further reinforce export, the company is pursuing overseas plant expansion in Poland, China, US, etc. The company has continued its investment to make production and supply through Enchem’s electrolyte plants expanded near global major cell companies.
Enchem has been marching toward its goal of being No. 1 company in the global market.

Enchem Co., Ltd.
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