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The Technological Leader in

Korean Electrolyte Manufacturing!

Enchem Competitivity


Enchem Competitivity

Electrolyte Manufacturing Capability - 25,000 Ton/year
Sample Supply Capacity - 1kg : 6,000 bottle/year
- 20kg : 3,000 canister/year
Delivery - Korea : within 2 days / China : Within 2 weeks

Manufacturing and Operating Results

  Turnover (Million Won)
2015 6,620
2016 20,700
2017 22,100
2018 36,760

Product List

Item Product List
IT Type Electrolyte - Circular, Square, Polymer type electrolyte
- High Voltage, High Capacity, High Power Electrolyte
- High Temperature electrolyte
- General use low cost electrolyte
xEV Type Electrolyte - High Capacity Electrolyte, High Power Electrolyte, General use low cost Electrolyte
ESS Type Electrolyte - High Safety Electrolyte, General use low cost Electrolyte
Anode Type Electrolyte - High Voltage LCO type electrolyte, NCM(622, 811, etc)type Electrolyte
- Manganese type Electrolyte, LiFePO4 type Electrolyte
Cathode Type Electrolyte - Artificial graphite Electrolyte, Natural Graphite Electrolyte, Silicon type Electrolyte
- Hard Carbon type Electrolyte, Soft Carbon type Electrolyte
EDLC Type Electrolyte - Standard Electrolyte, High Voltage Electrolyte


Certified Quality Management System Certified Environmental Management System Registration R&D Center Certificate
Confirmation as a Venture Company Family Company registration Best Place to Work registration  
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