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The Technological Leader in

Korean Electrolyte Manufacturing!

Business Areas

Supply Chain of Products for Electrolyte

Products of ENCHEM

  • Electrolytes for Lithium
    Rechargeable Batteries
  • Electrolytes for Polymer 
  • Electrolytes for EDLC
  • High Functionality Additives
  • Binder Solution
  • Chemical Stock for
    Electronic Materials

Cell Maker

  • Small batteries for
    Mobile Applications
  • Mid size batteries for xEV
  • High Capacity ESS
  • High Capacity EDLC


  • Mobile Phone
  • Laptop PC
  • Power Tools
  • E-Bike,E-Scooter,E-Cart
  • ESS

Products of ENCHEM

High Functionality Additives, Electrolytes for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries, Electrolytes for EDLC, Chemical Stock for Electronic Materials

Item Item of production
electrolyte for IT - circular form, angled form, polymer form electrolyte
- high voltage, high capacity, high output electrolyte
- high temperature inflation control electrolyte
- general low-cost electrolyte
electrolyte for xEV - high capacity electrolyte, high output electrolyte, general low-cost electrolyte
electrolyte for ESS - high stability electrolyte, general low-cost electrolyte
electrolyte for both poles - electrolyte for high voltage LCO, electrolyte for NCM (622,811, etc.)
- electrolyte for Mn, electrolyte for LiFePO4
electrolyte for cathode - electrolyte for synthetic graphite, electrolyte for natural graphite, electrolyte for Si
- electrolyte for hard carbon, electrolyte for soft carbon
Electrolyte for EDLC - general electrolyte, high voltage electrolyte
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